Bhavachakra “Wheel of Life & Death”



Wheel of Life and Death: Bhavachakra

with Seiso Paul Cooper

The Wheel of Life & Death​ functions as a pictorial representation of cyclic existence or “samsara.” It is comprised of a series of concentric circles that detail how the mind is structured and functions. It serves as a template for mapping out and understanding internal mental processes, the range of emotional and psychological states that contribute to our sense of identity and their behavioral manifestations that can contribute to identifying both internal and relational forms of violence, which expands our awareness and choices that in turn can contribute to non-violent and constructive responses to self and others. ​

This opening session will examine the elements and dimensions of the wheel in relation to psychoanalytic concepts and practices with an eye toward personal growth and the therapeutic process and will include applications to meditation practice.

While overlaps and variations will occur based on the needs, interests and constitution of the retreat participants, this general, yet comprehensive overview will cover the following topics

  • “Hub” “The Three Poisons”
  • “The Six Realms:”
  • Ascending and Descending States
  • “Twelve Links of Dependent Origination

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