The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter
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Into the Mountain Stream: Psychotherapy and Buddhist Experience. Ed. P. Cooper
(2007 Jason Aronson) Order Information

Journal Articles

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Chapters in Edited Collections

“The Formless Self: Buddhism and Psychoanalysis.”  In: Psychotherapy and
Religion: Many Paths, One Journey
. Eds. M. Bakur Wiener, P. Cooper, C. Barbre.
(Jason Aronson Pub.: 2005)

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Buddhism and Psychotherapy
. NY & London Routeledge,
Eds.: D. Mathers, M. Miller & O. Ando (2009)

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“The Disavowal of the Spirit: Wholeness and integration in Buddhism
and  Psychoanalysis,”  In: 
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